Maintaining Your Paint Job

AT Painting & Decorating understands that once your painting has been completed, you’ll want to make sure it looks great for many years to come.  As Brisbane painters, we understand the way many elements can impact your residential, commercial or real estate property, and know how best to preserve your paintwork.

As a member of the Master Painters Association of Australia, you can be assured that the work we do is of the best quality.  Both exterior and interior painting jobs should last 10 years or more, so preparation is critical.  It’s important that your painter prepares the surfaces well, has a thorough knowledge of preparation and painting products, and uses premium paint products throughout.

Once you have painted the exterior of your house, only use soft or organic washes to remove dirt, smudges and marks.  If you use chemical washes, domestic cleaning products or high-pressure washers, you risk damaging the paint and shortening the lifespan of the paint.

For the interior paintwork of your home, you should only use light detergents or warm water with white or uncoloured cloths.  Some of the best light detergents you can use are white vinegar and water, or a light dilution of sugar soap.  These methods will ensure your interior paintwork lasts as long as possible.

To prevent discolouration or causing damage to the sheen level of your painted surface, don’t use scourers, abrasive pads, chuxs or coloured rags to clean your paintwork.  As previously mentioned, white or uncoloured cotton rags are the best option to wipe and clean surfaces.

If you are doing the paint job yourself, always ask your paint supplier as many questions as possible and follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions, which are subject to warranty and required to meet Australian standards.

As professional painters, AT Painting & Decorating are experienced in using the best techniques to ensure your paint jobs stands the test of time.  We understand painting is an important investment to your property and are committed to making your house look its best. We provide high quality painting at an affordable price and have a small team that you can trust in your home.

AT Painting & Decorating works throughout the Brisbane area. We pride ourselves on offering one of the best painting and decorating services in Brisbane with many years of experience in house painting (exterior and interior), commercial painting and real estate painting.  If you would like to contact us, please call Anton on 0405 338 255 or email