AT Painting – 5 Tips for Choosing a House Painter

Choosing a reliable house painter or office painter that you can trust isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Of the tradesmen who will quote your job, some will be cheap, some middle range and some expensive. Some will be qualified, some will not. Some will do a thorough, quality job that lasts 10 years, some will not.

As expert house and office painters, AT Painting & Decorating want you to choose the right painter for the job so we suggest you consider the following:

5 Tips for Choosing a Painter

  1. Experience – ask how long have they been painting for and ensure they have references to back up their claims.
  2. Qualifications – check they carry a current Painting and Decorating Licence from the Building Services Authority (BSA) and are a member of the Master Painters’ Association so that you’re hiring an accredited professional painter with proper qualifications.
  3. Insurance – ask to see the painter’s insurances. There are two forms of insurance that they must have – Public Liability Insurance and Accident and Sickness Insurance. Public Liability Insurance will protect your property and your family while the painter is in your house. Most house painters are covered for $10 million public liability. While Accident and Sickness Insurance will ensure the painter is covered (and you’re not liable) in case they have an accident or on-site emergency.
  4. Presentation and Communication Skills – ensure you can easily talk to the painter about what you need done and that they are happy to communicate their knowledge and order of work to you. Make sure they look clean, neat and tidy. As they’re working inside your home, you need to be able to trust them to show similar care for the items in your house, such as covering and moving furniture and decorative goods.
  5. Product Knowledge – don’t be afraid to ask questions as you need to make sure they know their products and are using the right paint system for the job required, preferably premium paint products.

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